Sizemore XM-2/KM-2 Mallet Signature Series Putter


The Sizemore XM-2 is meticulously designed to inspire confidence. The triangular mallet, with pronounced copper rail sight lines, features the same AIM (alignment Insert Management) technology as the XM-1 allowing the player to create the exact putter needed for proper alignment and distance control. The IND-X cross milled face finish further ensures unmatched accuracy. To optimize speed and distance control, a set of interchangeable end caps is included to assist in calibrating the putters reponse. With the XM-2, putting is an exact science.

  • Fully customizable alignment and weighting.
  • Aluminum body.
  • Copper alignment features.
  • Cross milled face.
  • Comes with Flex, Flex (Backside) and Ridge Standard Inserts plus Back Weight.

Category: mallet putters, putters

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