Koviss Golf Tees


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Need to improve your golf handicap? Introducing your new secret weapon, the Koviss Golf VS TEE (Vital Spring Tee) and Tumbling Tee (Magnet Tee).

The VS TEE features the world's first spring loaded golf tee! The inherent flexibility of the spring provides a smooth clean hit by reducing resistance, which results with longer distances and enhanced accuracy. Your Tees will arrive in assorted colors.

The Tumbling Tee (Magnet Tee) allows the tee to bend at the waist when struck by a golf club before returning instantly and automatically to an upright position. The result eliminates the risk of tee breakage and minimizes resistance to the fast-moving golf club, helping maintain optimum line and length. Featuring flower-shaped ball rests. Tumbling TEE is manufactured from impact-resistant urethane.

More about Koviss Golf Tees:

  • Conforms to USGA and R&A Rules of Golf.
  • World's first spring loaded golf tee.
  • Longer distance is achieved by reducing resistance.
  • Allows you to just concentrate on your game.
  • The flexibility of the spring provides a smooth, clean hit and enhanced accuracy.
  • More economical and very durable
  • Your Tees will arrive in assorted colors