The Grip Master Fitting F.A.Q.

Q: Can I fit The Grip Master grips the same way as fit rubber grips?
Yes, all The Grip Master can fit fitted the same ways as rubber grips. Double side tape and tape activating solvent. We recommend Bramptons HF-100 a water based tape activator. The Grip Master grips can also be fitted using compressed air.

Q: Are The Grip Master grips as easy to fit as rubber?
Yes. When fitting The Grip Master ensure you use fresh double sided tape, plenty of solvent to activate the tape, along with plenty of solvent in the grip and DO NOT bend the grip when starting it on the butt of the shaft.

Q: Can I build up The Grip Master grips with extra layers of tape?
Yes. The Grip Master grips can be built up. We only recommend a Maximum of an extra 2 layers of tape. If you like a larger grip we recommend our Oversize grip models which are equivalent to an extra 4 layers of tape.

Q: What core size putter grip should I use on a 0.600 butt putter shaft?
Please check with the putter's manufacturer to choose. Most of our grips are made to fit 0.600 and 0.580 butt size.

Q: Do The Grip Master grips come with a Reminder rib?
Yes. We have Ribbed Leather Grips available. Search for the term "Ribbed" without quote using the search box at the top of the page.

Q: How do I clean my The Grip Master leather grips.
We recommend you use a clean damp towel to wipe down your grips. This will remove any dirt or oil that has built up surface DO NOT use soaps or solvents to clean your The Grip Master leather grips.

Q: Do I need to add treatments to the leather?
No. The Grip Master grips Wood & Iron grips do not require any treatments added to them.

Q: Will The Grip Master leather grips last longer than rubber or synthetic grips?
Leather wears in, not out. The Grip Master grips will last much longer than rubber or synthetic grips with the correct grip care. We have Tour players use the same set of grips for more than 2 years. While they may change other grips every month.