Why Play Leather?


Traction : Nothing sticks like The Grip Master leather grips. While those that are made with man-made materials wear out and lose their grip, ours wear in and maintains traction. Players like Geoff Ogilvy, only change their grips when they change their clubs. No need to change grips every few rounds, like the tour players do with man made materials.
In any condition the grip offers traction second to none . Rain, heat, humidity, the traction/grip is consistent. The secret behind this traction is our proprietary Trac+, it is a system that was defined and refined on Tour. A system that is not a coating on the surface, rather impregnated through the entire skin. One that delivers perfect traction under all-weather condition.

Performance : Precision, is an important criteria for us at The Grip Master. When designing a grip the intent is to eliminate the negatives, higher Centre of Mass, decreased torque, lowered swing weight, all of which are a result of adding a grip to a golf club. The Grip Master grips have a lower degradation factor than all grips made with man-made materials. In all ways it outperform man-made materials.
The Grip Master grips have better M.O.I, resistance to torsional loading, rebound, frequency, lower center of mass, dampening, and centeredness of contact. They were designed, defined and refined on tour, only when proven as the best performing grip, were those released to the public.

Material : We use only the highest grade leather on all of our grips because it outperforms man made materials in every critical criteria. Torsional loading, stability, weight-strength ratio, dampening, consistent traction, it breathes and long wearing. Our leathers are the finest available and tanned by the world's best tanners to our standards.

We have mastered the art and science of selecting the right leather and turning it into a handmade outperforming grips.
Great Feel : Good leather has a feel that cannot be duplicated with manmade materials. Touch promotes confidence, as it offers real feedback. With all of the materials available to man, all Pros still use and demand cabretta or kangaroo for their gloves. Both skins have great shape retention, while offering the ultimate in feedback. Unlike all other wrapped grips, our grips are pre-tensioned and can be adjusted for individual feel - one-piece synthetic grips just can't do that. Get in TOUCH with your best game, Play Leather!

Better Swing : These grips form a superior bond between your golf club and your hands, making them one of the most important golf club components for improving golf swing. The specially treated genuine leather of our golf grips forms a bond between the leather and your hands like you have never felt before.

This tack supplements the pressure needed to hold the golf club and allows you to relax your golf grip. Greater feel, increased flexibility, softer grip touch, a more fluid golf swing - lower scores!
Long Lasting : Leather grips wear-in rather than wear-out. We have had many golfers tell us that one set of leather grips last longer than up to 6 sets of synthetic grips.

Since you are not changing grips with such frequency, you will naturally develop a more consistent grip. The gripping ability increases as the moisture conditions worsen - even in the rain your confidence will grow. Our tests demonstrate that the Shock Resistant grips have a better shock dampening capability than the rubber grips tested without that spongy, pillow-like feel of synthetic rubber.

Saves You Money : As mentioned above, our grips can last longer than up to 6 sets of synthetic grips. Furthermore, we've had many testimonials on how customers play our grip without the need of gloves as oppose to the synthetic counterpart.

Quality : The GripMaster grips are hand assembled from hand selected materials and components. Every step from the selection of the hides to the finished product is hand inspected. Five years in the making: from the elastomer for shock absorption, to the "TPR" rubber under- last materials, from the leather tanning process and PROTACKTM chemistry, to the patented underlast and the leather is tensioning system.

GripMaster has put it all together, the look, the feel, the tradition and it's genuine leather.
A list of paragraphs may not be very convincing, but checkout the following list of 2014 Tour Players who display the above benefits through their actions!

PGA Tour
Retief Goosen, Padraig Harrington, John Daly, Jarrod Lyle
European Tour
Thomas Levet, Jin Jeong, Jens Dorthrop, Jbe Kruger, Tom Lewis
Asian Tour
Scott Hend, Danny Chia, Nicholas Fung, Matthew Stieger, Nick Cullen, Sam Brazel
Australian Tour
Jin Jeong, Jarrod Lyle, Peter O’Malley, Brody Ninyette, Nick Cullen, Scott Strange, Stephen Leaney, Rhein Gibson, Scott Hend, Sam Brazel, Jamie Arnold, James Mclea, Peter Wilson, Terry Pilkadaris, Matthew Guyatt, Kristopher Mueck, Peter Fowler, Aaron Pike, Matthew Steiger, Dave Bransdon, Bryden Macpherson, Anthony Brown, Kurt Barnes, Michael Wright, Leigh Mckennie, Adam Crawford, Kim Felton, Brad Hughes, Ryan Haywood, Marcus Cain, Andrew Martin, Steven Jeffress, Jun Seok Lee, Matthew Perry, Thomas Peterson, Brett Drewitt, Glenn Joyner, Andrew Tampion, Pieter Zwart, Michael Moore, Rory Bourke, Ben Wharton, Brad McIntosh, Jason Norris, Andre Stoltz
Japanese Tour
Kurt Barnes, Steve Jeffress, Stephen Leaney
European Seniors
Mike Clayton, Peter Fowler, Mike Harwood, Glenn Joyner
Sunshine Tour (South Africa)
Retief Goosen, Jbe Kruger, Louis De Jagger, MJ Daffue

Leather, it is a naturally superior material and makes a naturally superior grip!


Grip Technology : With a dramatic growth on all professional golf tours in the use of 'Genuine Leather' golf grips, it raises the question: Why are Pro's turning to Leather? Is there a real reason? The following test results clearly demonstrate a technical reason as to why Leather is the BEST material for use in a high performance golf grip!

These tests were done under lab conditions, with the club being removed from the testing apparatus after every reading. This ensures that each reading was not being influenced by the previous one. The reason for the test was to quantify the impact a grip has on a golf club. The control club used was a steel shaft with no grip and each subsequent test used the exact same grip.

The tests show that a grip of any kind degraded the mechanical values of the control club. The grips tested were a number of Leather grips from The Grip Master and also the leading rubber grip from Golf Pride.

The results clearly show that the Kangaroo Leather has the lowest degradation, with all Leather grips outperforming the rubber grip. This is a very important factor in the promotion and sale of The Grip master High Performance Genuine Leather Swinger golf grips.

  • Genuine Leather grips offer more control.
  • They out perform all other grips in all-weather conditions.
  • They have the added bonus of better feel and traction, to promote soft hands.

It's time to take your game to the next level. Play Leather!