July 15, 2015

Why Play Leather?


Traction : Nothing sticks like The Grip Master leather grips. While those that are made with man-made materials wear out and lose their grip, ours wear in and maintains traction. Players like Geoff Ogilvy, only change their grips when they change their clubs. No need to change grips every few rounds, like the tour players do with man made materials.
In any condition the grip offers traction second to none . Rain, heat, humidity, the traction/grip is consistent. The secret behind this traction is our proprietary Trac+, it is a system that was defined and refined on Tour. A system that is not a coating on the surface, rather impregnated through the entire skin. One that delivers perfect traction under all-weather condition.

Performance : Precision, is an important criteria for us at The Grip Master. When designing a grip the intent is to eliminate the negatives, higher Centre of Mass, decreased torque, lowered swing weight, all of which are a result of adding a grip to a golf club. The Grip Master grips have a lower degradation factor than all grips made with man-made materials. In all ways it outperform man-made materials.
The Grip Master grips have better M.O.I, resistance to torsional loading, rebound, frequency, lower center of mass, dampening, and centeredness of contact. They were designed, defined and refined on tour, only when proven as the best performing grip, were those released to the public.

Material : We use only the highest grade leather on all of our grips because it outperforms man made materials in every critical criteria. Torsional loading, stability, weight-strength ratio, dampening, consistent traction, it breathes and long wearing. Our leathers are the finest available and tanned by the world's best tanners to our standards.

We have mastered the art and science of selecting the right leather and turning it into a handmade outperforming grips.
Great Feel : Good leather has a feel that cannot be duplicated with manmade materials. Touch promotes confidence, as it offers real feedback. With all of the materials available to man, all Pros still use and demand cabretta or kangaroo for their gloves. Both skins have great shape retention, while offering the ultimate in feedback. Unlike all other wrapped grips, our grips are pre-tensioned and can be adjusted for individual feel - one-piece synthetic grips just can't do that. Get in TOUCH with your best game, Play Leather!

Better Swing : These grips form a superior bond between your golf club and your hands, making them one of the most important golf club components for improving golf swing. The specially treated genuine leather of our golf grips forms a bond between the leather and your hands like you have never felt before.

This tack supplements the pressure needed to hold the golf club and allows you to relax your golf grip. Greater feel, increased flexibility, softer grip touch, a more fluid golf swing - lower scores!
Long Lasting : Leather grips wear-in rather than wear-out. We have had many golfers tell us that one set of leather grips last longer than up to 6 sets of synthetic grips.

Since you are not changing grips with such frequency, you will naturally develop a more consistent grip. The gripping ability increases as the moisture conditions worsen - even in the rain your confidence will grow. Our tests demonstrate that the Shock Resistant grips have a better shock dampening capability than the rubber grips tested without that spongy, pillow-like feel of synthetic rubber.

Saves You Money : As mentioned above, our grips can last longer than up to 6 sets of synthetic grips. Furthermore, we've had many testimonials on how customers play our grip without the need of gloves as oppose to the synthetic counterpart.

Quality : The GripMaster grips are hand assembled from hand selected materials and components. Every step from the selection of the hides to the finished product is hand inspected. Five years in the making: from the elastomer for shock absorption, to the "TPR" rubber under- last materials, from the leather tanning process and PROTACKTM chemistry, to the patented underlast and the leather is tensioning system.

GripMaster has put it all together, the look, the feel, the tradition and it's genuine leather.
A list of paragraphs may not be very convincing, but checkout the following list of 2014 Tour Players who display the above benefits through their actions!

PGA Tour
Retief Goosen, Padraig Harrington, John Daly, Jarrod Lyle
European Tour
Thomas Levet, Jin Jeong, Jens Dorthrop, Jbe Kruger, Tom Lewis
Asian Tour
Scott Hend, Danny Chia, Nicholas Fung, Matthew Stieger, Nick Cullen, Sam Brazel
Australian Tour
Jin Jeong, Jarrod Lyle, Peter O’Malley, Brody Ninyette, Nick Cullen, Scott Strange, Stephen Leaney, Rhein Gibson, Scott Hend, Sam Brazel, Jamie Arnold, James Mclea, Peter Wilson, Terry Pilkadaris, Matthew Guyatt, Kristopher Mueck, Peter Fowler, Aaron Pike, Matthew Steiger, Dave Bransdon, Bryden Macpherson, Anthony Brown, Kurt Barnes, Michael Wright, Leigh Mckennie, Adam Crawford, Kim Felton, Brad Hughes, Ryan Haywood, Marcus Cain, Andrew Martin, Steven Jeffress, Jun Seok Lee, Matthew Perry, Thomas Peterson, Brett Drewitt, Glenn Joyner, Andrew Tampion, Pieter Zwart, Michael Moore, Rory Bourke, Ben Wharton, Brad McIntosh, Jason Norris, Andre Stoltz
Japanese Tour
Kurt Barnes, Steve Jeffress, Stephen Leaney
European Seniors
Mike Clayton, Peter Fowler, Mike Harwood, Glenn Joyner
Sunshine Tour (South Africa)
Retief Goosen, Jbe Kruger, Louis De Jagger, MJ Daffue

Leather, it is a naturally superior material and makes a naturally superior grip!


Grip Technology : With a dramatic growth on all professional golf tours in the use of 'Genuine Leather' golf grips, it raises the question: Why are Pro's turning to Leather? Is there a real reason? The following test results clearly demonstrate a technical reason as to why Leather is the BEST material for use in a high performance golf grip!

These tests were done under lab conditions, with the club being removed from the testing apparatus after every reading. This ensures that each reading was not being influenced by the previous one. The reason for the test was to quantify the impact a grip has on a golf club. The control club used was a steel shaft with no grip and each subsequent test used the exact same grip.

The tests show that a grip of any kind degraded the mechanical values of the control club. The grips tested were a number of Leather grips from The Grip Master and also the leading rubber grip from Golf Pride.

The results clearly show that the Kangaroo Leather has the lowest degradation, with all Leather grips outperforming the rubber grip. This is a very important factor in the promotion and sale of The Grip master High Performance Genuine Leather Swinger golf grips.

  • Genuine Leather grips offer more control.
  • They out perform all other grips in all-weather conditions.
  • They have the added bonus of better feel and traction, to promote soft hands.

It's time to take your game to the next level. Play Leather!
July 15, 2015

Grip Installation


Excited with your newly purchased grips? Great! Proper installation will allow you to enjoy maximum benefits the grips have to offer without voiding the manufacturer warranty.

Before proceeding with the installation information, please take note of the following:

IMPORTANT NOTE : Do *NOT* allow solvents to contact with the grip's exterior leather surface. Depending on the solvent that you use, it could alter the surface significantly including color change. We recommend using Air-Based, Rubber Cement, and Brampton HF-100 Grip water based solvent methods to install the leather grips.

SOLVENT : We recommend using a *WATER BASED* solvent.

CLEANING : Do *NOT* use any leather treatments, solvents or chemicals. Use only clean water with a damp sponge or cloth.

TEMPERATURE : It is important to allow the grips to reach room temperature to allow optimum flexibility during installation to avoid damaging the grips.

WARRANTY : Improper grip installation will void manufacturer's warranty. If you are not an experienced grip installer, it usually is safer to go to local golf shops as they most likely have the proper tools and supplies to have the grip installed.

ALLIGNMENT : The winding tension for the leather places a slight torque on the grips. When fitting a wrapped grip to any shaft, if there is any clockwise rotation during installation, it is necessary to repeat a degree of anti-clockwise rotation at the collar end of the grip which will assist in the aligning of the logo or reminder rib back to square with the face of any club.


To install a grip :
Clamp the shaft in a vise, apply 8"-10” section of masking tape to shaft covering the butt, flip over grip protector / grip guide located at the mouth of the grip. Place mouth of grip onto shaft in usual way and put blowgun nozzle tip into vent hole of the grip, hold grip near mouth, apply burst of air while guiding the grip mouth onto shaft. The grip will slide on. It takes a little practice to learn how long the burst of air should be. Air goes down inside of shaft, tries to escape out of the grip, grip expands and will slide on. Remove the air gun from the vent hole while holding the grip fully down the shaft. To align a grip, apply a short burst of air while rotating grip to desired position. Start it right and you can skip alignment! No special tools are needed for this installation.

To remove a grip :
Place the "protector tube" (IMPORTANT) over grip, punch through tape behind the vent hole, put the blowgun nozzle tip into vent hole, apply long burst of air, the grip will expand in the "protector tube" as the air bubble travels down the shaft and tries to escape from the mouth of the grip and "pop" out the mouth. If air doesn't reach the mouth of grip, remove the blowgun and reapply solvent or roll back the mouth of the grip, rolling it back to the original position before applying air. Once "popped" you can remove the "protector" apply bursts of air while twisting and gently pulling the grip off the shaft. Twist while applying air! You will know where the twisting is needed (if not needed, grip will just slide off shaft). If grips were installed by using MASKING TAPE as explained above you can easily save your Grip Master grips. Grips on regular double stick have a save rate of approx. 90%.

Side notes:
Shafts that have been butt cut with a tube cutter may be rough edged and require smoothing or covering the butt with masking tape before starting a grip. Make sure to flip over grip protector / grip guide located at the mouth of the grip during installation, lead the grip on close to the mouth end while applying air.

With Grip Master Grips you must add small bursts of air until the butt of the grip is freed from the shaft. Continue to give small bursts of air to the grip while gently twisting the grip in the direction that does not un-wrap the grip. If you encounter resistance of air travel through the grip cover the air gun nozzle with a rag and remove the air gun from the grip. Once the air gun is removed from the grip you should add grip solvent through the grip vent hole and continue the removal process.

The “protector tube” (8 inch x 1.5 inch PVC Pipe) will fit over all grips except jumbo oversized putter grips. These grips have extremely thick walls and can be removed in the same manner as The Grip Master Grips.



What you will need to install:

  1. Authentic The Grip Master Leather Grips
  2. Brampton HF-100 Tape Activator Solvent
  3. Grip tape or masking tape
  4. Vinyl shaft clamp
  5. Bench vice
  6. Hooked blade razor knife, sheetrock or carpet knife
  7. Straight-edged knife, or heat gun to remove old tape.
  8. Drip Pan

Installation Steps:

Step 1: Position the golf club in a vinyl shaft clamp and place it in a vise. Point the club head straight up.
Step 2: Use either hooked blade razor knife, sheetrock or carpet knife to cut through the old grip and peel away the sides to remove the grip. For your safety, we recommend using the hooked blaze razor knife. Try to keep the blade parallel to the shaft during the cutting motion.
Step 3: Use the straight-edge knife or heat gun to peel off the old tape. Alternatively, use label removing solvent to clean the remaining tape. Make sure there is no burrs or sharp edges from the butt end to avoid tearing the grip.
Step 4: Apply standard grip tape to the shaft. Use enough tape to cover the length of the grip and extend 0.25" over from the butt end of the shaft to close the shaft opening. We do not recommend applying more than 2 tape layers. Do not leave any gap on the covered area.
Step 5: Position a drip pan under the shaft.
Step 6: Spray a small amount of HF-100 on the grip tape evenly and inside the grip.
Step 7: Push the grip into the shaft from the taped end. Use one hand to gently pull the grip on to the shaft, and the other hand to guide the grip. Place good care to avoid bending the grip as this dislocate the strapping or tear the underlisting. In the case of strapping dislocation, if the underlisting is not torn, the strapping can be re-tensioned back to normal. Put on right-handed grip with a clockwise motion.

Step 8: To position the grip correctly, counter rotate both ends to align the cap and grip logos with the club face. If applicable, position the grip rib facing down and the logo straight up.

Step 9: Wipe off excess HF-100 with a dry cloth. Allow at least 15 minutes to dry.



July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

The Grip Master Traditions

Leather : If ever a material was misunderstood, it is leather. As long as it says genuine leather, it sells and for a premium. Well leathers are not just leathers as the quality, performance and value of leathers, cover such a wide scope. At The Grip Master, we are first a leather company. We understand what makes a great leather grip, what will last, what will perform. Lets take a look at the grades of leather and their uses.

Full Grain : This is best leather. It is the top layer of the animals hide after the hair has been removed. It is graded much like a diamond. The more marks the lower the grade. For some animals, Deer and Kangaroo, their hides generally are quite heavily scarred. So even the better grades will have healed scars, although minor. While livestock scarring may come from barb wire and insects. This is the most breathable of the types of leather and the most durable.

Corrected Grain : In an effort to to make the skin look consistent and disguise any surface scarring. The skin's surface is manipulated, corrected leather grains fall into the Top Grain Leather category. These leathers go through considerable processing of sanding, buffing, stamping, plating or embossing and then dyeing. The purpose of this processing is to create a uniform look that removes insect bites, barbed-wire scratches and other environmental markings that might appear on the hide. Some coated or colored This leather will not breathe as well as full grain.

Split Leather : All leather hides have to be split because a hide is too thick to use in any type of manufacturing. The hide goes into a machine where a blade "fillets" the hide into two hides. The bottom hide is known as split leather. This hide can be sanded down (corrected) and embossed with a consistent graining pattern to be used on a number of commercial uses. While it is still leather, it,s grain is not as compact as a Full Grain, it does not breathe and is not as durable. Many less expensive leather goods use a leather split. Remember, there is no such thing as cheap, high grade leather.

Bonded or Reconstituted Leather : Is an artificial material composed of 80% to 100% leather fibers (often waste scraps from leather tanneries). It consists of fibers obtained from macerated hide pieces bonded together with latex binders constructed into a fibrous mat to create a look and feel that can be identical to that of genuine leather but at a fraction of the cost. It has no structural integrity and will not work in a high load situation.

The Grip Master Touch Series : The Grip Master uses nothing but premium grade Full Grain hides. It is stronger, breathes and will withstand the torsional loading, that is applied on a swinging grip. Many players on the Tour use our grips on the their swinging clubs. It affords them consistency and durability, that can only be found in leather. A player will keep his leather grips for a number of seasons, while those using other materials are changing their grips every few weeks. Our putter grips are used on all tours and is fast becoming the grip of choice. 

A blend of tradition and technology is the foundation of The Grip Masters grip line. The McConchie brothers, are a third generation leather family. They understand the nuances of each type of leather, it’s characteristics, it’s capabilities. It is with that understanding that Ian McConchie invented the worlds first truly one piece, pre-wrapped, slip on leather grip. Not satisfied with making the worlds finest leather golf grip, one that is the number one leather grip on all tours. The McConchie brothers are pleased to introduce The Grip Master Touch Series.

The Touch Series, addresses the most important of the senses used in golf “Touch” With three generations of knowledge, behind them. They have developed a group of grips that have a distinctively different feel. Not just softer or harder, rather different textures, rebound rates, adhesion and response to touch.

We use the worlds finest leathers, including, kangaroo and deer which have for the first time been employed in a golf grip. 

Deer : Our deerskin is the finest available, they are collected from stocks in the United States. We use only deer that have been taken in from deer herd management programs, under which the populations are increasing. This ultra responsive and soft leather, is perfect for the player, who seeks a finite response to finger tip touch. On the Grip Master “Touch” scale, this is the softest.

Montana Cow : We select the finest full grain, natural leather hides, tan them with our proprietary process, drum mill for softness. By using the same hide for grips and head-covers, we insure the integrity of quality and color match. Color retention and durability are at the highest, making this a perfect leather for mass production. 

Tour : A great feeling leather that while softer than rubber, is on the harder side of The Grip Master “Touch” scale Our Tour Leather has a proven track record on all tours and is the used to make the The Grip Master the number one leather grip on tour. We select the finest full grain, drum milled, natural leather available, put the hide through a proprietary process that gives the leather it’s great touch and life. The grip produces a reassuring touch that gets better with time.

Kangaroo : This ultra lightweight and very strong leather, has been a hit on the tour since we introduced it. On The Grip Master “Touch” scale, it is harder than deer, yet softer than our tour leather. Sensational feel, this grip will handle any loading on swinger grips. It is the toughest and most durable of skins, with a very consistent grip retention. This grip will feel the same for a very long time. To tan this leather for golf is a complex procedure, the effort however is worth it. Kangaroo is a carefully managed animal, so there is not always an abundant supply of stock. This grip promises to be long on demand and at times short on supply.

July 15, 2015

The Grip Master Fitting F.A.Q.

Q: Can I fit The Grip Master grips the same way as fit rubber grips?
Yes, all The Grip Master can fit fitted the same ways as rubber grips. Double side tape and tape activating solvent. We recommend Bramptons HF-100 a water based tape activator. The Grip Master grips can also be fitted using compressed air.

Q: Are The Grip Master grips as easy to fit as rubber?
Yes. When fitting The Grip Master ensure you use fresh double sided tape, plenty of solvent to activate the tape, along with plenty of solvent in the grip and DO NOT bend the grip when starting it on the butt of the shaft.

Q: Can I build up The Grip Master grips with extra layers of tape?
Yes. The Grip Master grips can be built up. We only recommend a Maximum of an extra 2 layers of tape. If you like a larger grip we recommend our Oversize grip models which are equivalent to an extra 4 layers of tape.

Q: What core size putter grip should I use on a 0.600 butt putter shaft?
Please check with the putter's manufacturer to choose. Most of our grips are made to fit 0.600 and 0.580 butt size.

Q: Do The Grip Master grips come with a Reminder rib?
Yes. We have Ribbed Leather Grips available. Search for the term "Ribbed" without quote using the search box at the top of the page.

Q: How do I clean my The Grip Master leather grips.
We recommend you use a clean damp towel to wipe down your grips. This will remove any dirt or oil that has built up surface DO NOT use soaps or solvents to clean your The Grip Master leather grips.

Q: Do I need to add treatments to the leather?
No. The Grip Master grips Wood & Iron grips do not require any treatments added to them.

Q: Will The Grip Master leather grips last longer than rubber or synthetic grips?
Leather wears in, not out. The Grip Master grips will last much longer than rubber or synthetic grips with the correct grip care. We have Tour players use the same set of grips for more than 2 years. While they may change other grips every month.

July 15, 2015

The Grip Master History

From the history of Bruce & Ian McConchie: 

For three generations the McConchie family have been involved in the leather industry. As kids, Ian and Bruce remember learning about leather and the art of working with it. So it is no coincidence, that some 35 years ago, they started to design and manufacture handbags and belts. That business they started 35 years ago, has flourished and is a now an industry leader in the Southern Hemisphere. Today it is fair to say that the McConchie brothers, are experts in the grading, tanning, production, manufacturing and nuances of leather.

In the early 90's they opened a sales office in Chicago to promote and sell their Australian fashion accessories lines in that market. In those years they became known and noticed by an American company and in the mid 90's were approached to see if they could modify one of their leather straps to be suitable to re grip and rejuvenate the old style Hickory sticks. As keen golfers from an early age, Ian and Bruce jumped at the opportunity to develop a product line away from the vagaries and fast changing fortunes to be made and lost in the fashion industry, not knowing where it might lead. As it happened they were able to fill a small void created when the most famous US maker of Genuine Leather grips [Nueman]closed their doors after the advent and onslaught of Rubber grips. After much experimentation with leather treatments and formulas for the leather straps, Ian and Bruce soon realized that unless they could up with some innovations to make leather grips a viable option [albeit expensive when compared to a rubber grip] they were never going to succeed in the golf industry.

In 1998 Ian developed and patented [US Patent #6,449,803 B1] a unique underlisting, which enabled The Grip Master to perfect an assembly system, to create and make the first fully assembled, pre-tensioned one piece slip on Genuine Leather Golf Grip in the world! The grip quickly was accepted on all of the tours, their success is extensive and continues today. The Grip Master's next innovation was the hand laced putter grip, it's acceptance was startling, today the “Tour Laced” leather putter grip is found on the majority of putter brands. Determined to take The Grip Master to the next level, Ian and Bruce in early 2008 made the decision to focus all of their attention on The Grip Master and to move away from their other leather manufacturing business. The result, one of the biggest innovations ever in the putter grip. Using knowledge, honed over 35 years, they have developed a range of grips called the “Touch Series” the innovation is that they have developed a process to use leathers that have never been used before. Such as the North American White Tail Deer, Kangaroo the playable exotic Sea Snake these leathers offer, feel, touch and response that have never been offered on a grip before. With major innovations to be announced in the fall, the message is clear, Ian and Bruce McConchie are determined that The Grip Master should lead the grip industry in quality and innovation.